Timothy J. Sullivan M.Sc., is an artist living  in North Vancouver, BC CANADA.


I came to art and painting later in life after several careers. First as an analytical chemist and researcher, then as counsellor, corporate trainer and education coordinator. A strong interest in philosophy, spirituality and personal growth helped ground and mature my personality while taming the ego. Now, retired from regular work life I am free to create, contemplate and engage the 'Light Fantastic.'


I am a contemporary abstract expressionist creating large and small mixed media paintings on canvas, paper and panel. My process involves using brushes, palette knives, and rags to apply and scrape away acrylics, and mixed medias, to create his multi-layered art pieces. Always experimental and adventurous in both palette and subject, I am largely self taught. I have benefitted greatly from workshop experiences, colleagues and mentors and enjoy being inventive and experimental.


Cell: 778.888.4233